Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prevention: Sexual Abuse Awareness

An estimated 1 in 4 children is sexually abused, a number  that is both staggering and heartbreaking. Children who have been sexually abused are the most at-risk for being trafficked.  Since most abusers are someone close to the child, many children are afraid to or unable to speak about it.  It is our responsibility as adults not just to look out for sexual abuse victims, but to create a safe place for children to talk about it.  There are two organizations I know of that you might volunteer with:
  1. Just Tell.  This organization encourages kids to speak up when they've been abused so they can get help and healing.
  2. A Quarter Blue.  AQB is an organization that goes into the classroom and talks to students about sexual abuse.  The goal is to help empower kids who have been abused by letting them know they are not alone and by providing a safe person to talk with about it.   

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