Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Initiate: Californians Against Sexual Exploitation

California Against Slavery (CAS) is beginning a signature gathering campaign for the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act for the 2012 ballot.  The initiative would increase prison terms and fines for traffickers, require them to register as sex offenders*, strengthen Megan's Law so that sexual predators would have to register their online accounts, mandate human trafficking training for law enforcement, prohibit the use of sexual history to prove criminal liability of trafficked victims, and remove the need to prove force when trafficking of a minor.  The campaign begins whenever the attorney general has approved the wording of initiative, but CAS thinks it will be sometime around December 1st.  If you live in California and are registered to vote here (or are willing to be registered in Cali), then please consider signing up to gather signatures.   We need 750,000 signatures to see this put on the ballot!  Even if you can't commit to collecting signatures or if you're out of state, let your California friends know about the initiative and encourage them to be involved.

*More on the importance of this in an upcoming post!

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