Sunday, December 25, 2011

Great Saint Nick

Hopefully you got more than just coal from Santa Claus this Christmas!  I got some pretty sweet stuff myself, including a 12 pack of razor blades (it's amazing how our Christmas wishes change with age and necessity). But my favorite Christmas present this year was the Attorney General of California approving the wording of the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act ballot initiative on Christmas Eve!  That means that registered California voters can begin collecting signatures to get the initiative on the 2012 ballot.  If you live in California and are interested in helping or signing, click here.

Christmas is a really special time for CAS' little victory, due to one of our best known Christmas figures, Saint Nicolas.   The real man was Nikolaos of Myra, a Greek bishop who lived in the 200s. (Yep - 200s!  And Greek! Somehow I always pictured him in some 17th century German town).  He was renowned for caring for the poor, and one story says that a certain man became very poor and was going to sell his daughters into prostitution.  In order to avert this horrible destiny, Nikolaos threw a bag of gold in through the family's window one night.  Thus the girls were spared, and good ol' Saint Nick became one of the first men in recorded history to save girls out of sex trafficking.  Pretty crazy, huh?  But pretty darn awesome.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and I look forward to moving into a more just New Year with you!

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